Sims 2 download ordner windows 8

Also no window comes up asking me about custom content when I run SIMS AND LOTS DO NOT GO IN THE DOWNLOADS FOLDER LIKE.

22 Feb The final path to the new folder is now: My Documents(Documents on Vista / Windows 7)\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads Note the capital D.

2) Set up your Mod folder. To do Important: Mods do not (as of yet) work in the \ My Documents\ folder where TSM saves some data, so be absolutely certain to go to your d3dx9_rar ( KB, downloads) - View custom content . 4th Apr at PM That should work in Windows OS.

I have used the download links and followed the instructions on this site: Digital download, not steam and I'm on PC. tofuDN. Test Subject. #8 Old That will use up the space available there for things I have 2 TB storage for. Another reason I wouldn't want my game folder there (if I had Win 10 and.



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